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Need to know the specifics on the Pinnacle Studio line of products? We'll give you insight into the full range of Studio features as well as compare each version so you are able to make an informed decision on which product will suit your needs. 

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Plugins & Add Ons

There are several plugins and add-ons available for Studio. These programs can add a wealth of features to Studio. We decided to share our wealth of knowledge on these products so you can gain a better understanding what they do and where you can purchase them.   

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Pinnacle Tutorials

Don't know how to use a certain feature of Studio? You may want to give our tutorials a look. Our tutorials use step by step instructions which help novice and advanced users produce professional results and get your projects in front of your viewers in a timely fashion.



Information is king. The more information you have the better prepared you are to make an informed buying decision and utilize the product once it is purchased. Our reviews provide you with critical information on Pinnacle Studio software, plugins, books, video equipment, websites, and more. 


My Gear

If you want to know what gear and tools we use to make YouTube videos this is the place to visit. You'll find a list of the products that we use to increase the production value of our projects. From cameras to software and everything in between, we're bound to have something that will help you get the job done. 

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Looking for the latest Pinnacle Studio news? Drop by our blog to get information on everything from the latest Pinnacle patch to the newest Pinnacle plugins. We share information on the software as soon as we get it and pass it on to you so you stay in the know on all things Pinnacle Studio. 

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