Pinnacle Studio Free Add-Ons

Wouldn't it be great if Pinnacle Studio had all of the plugins and add-ons imaginable for free? Well, unfortunately that day will never come, but we'll clue you in on a few freebies that can be obtained while we continue to wait for that unlikely day to come. Through all of our years of experience with the software and never ending online searches we've actually discovered a few awesome gratis add-ons that can be used with Pinnacle Studio. Some of the freebies are older than others and therefore may not be compatible with the latest iterations of Pinnacle Studio. But don't fret, we'll discuss which versions are compatible with the add-ons we recommend. The sites that follow have great montages, DVD menus, transitions, Hollywood FX, motion titles, and plugins...and they are available at zero cost to you! So read on and grab some content to use with Pinnacle Studio. is one of the top Pinnacle Studio sites on the world wide web. This website based out of France helps people get the most out of Pinnacle Studio. One way that helps people is by providing high quality Hollywood FX. For those who don not know Hollywood FX is basically a dynamic video transition that is created with a specific theme in mind. These transitions allow video editors to match the transition to the theme of the video. The simple addition of a Hollywood FX transition to a video can add a professional polish to a project. Declic-Video-FX states that all of their Hollywood FX transitions have been tested, are virus free and work correctly in Pinnacle Studio 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17. In order to use the these transitions in Avid Studio, Pinnacle Studio 16, and Pinnacle Studio 17 users must install the file under the HFX Tools section and follow the instructions on the Avid Studio/Pinnacle Studio 16 & above installation page prior to downloading any of the Hollywood FX. Users of previous version should check out the transition installation page prior to heading on over to the site and downloading content. Hollywood FX

When is 20 cents not 20 cents? When it is is a website out of France that specializes in montages, motion titles, and tutorials for Pinnacle Studio. The site has hundreds of montages, DVD menu buttons, and motion titles. It also has thousands of Animated GIFs that can be used with Pinnacle Studio. It even has an Animated GIF to Pinnacle tool which allows users to make their own GIFs compatible with Pinnacle Studio. Oh, did I forget to mention that all of the items on this site are free? Yeah, that's A few important items need to be discussed before heading over to the site and  grabbing a gluttonous amount of freebies. Users must register with the site and sign up for the newsletter in order to download any of the content. Hooray...more emails! After this step is completed just head over to the side navigation bar, select a category, and browse away. All of the content includes a thumbnail telling users which version of Pinnacle Studio it is compatible with. Any add-on on the site that is compatible with Avid Studio is also compatible with Pinnacle Studio 16 and Pinnacle Studio 17. Although all the content is gratis the website owners do take donations. I highly recommend shelling out a few bucks every now and then to keep this website up and running as they provide an invaluable service to Pinnacle Studio users around the world. Free Montages, Motion Titles, & DVD Menu Buttons, & Animated GIFs

Free stuff is only 5,518 miles (or the click of a mouse) away. is a website and forum from Russia that is dedicated to Pinnacle Studio. All of the text on the site is Russian but Chrome or Internet Explorer users should be able to switch the text to English with a click of the translate button. The true beauty of this forum is that it offers A LOT of plugins and add-ons at no cost to you. Once the site language has been translated scroll down to the "Add-ons and plug-ins for Pinnacle Studio", click on "Plugins for Pinnacle Studio", and bask in the everlasting glow of free plugin heaven. The site lets you know which iterations of Pinnacle Studio the plugins are compatible with as well.

Some of the more popular plugins offered by include:

  • Bravo Studio pack 1-3
    • Compatible with Pinnacle Studio 12,14, 15, 16, 17 and Avid Studio
  • Dziedzic Pack
    • Compatible with Pinnacle Studio 12, 14, 15, 16, and Avid Studio
  • JPsEffects
    • Compatible with Pinnacle Studio 12, 14, and 15
  • Camera POV 
    • Compatible with Pinnacle Studio 12, 14, and 15

Check out the full site to choose from all of their available plugins.


If you know of any legitimate, virus free, add-ons or plugins that don't cost a red cent and you'd like to share them with the Pinnacle Studio community let us know and we will add it to this page.

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