Light it up! Lighting is a crucial component of producing quality videos. It can be used to make a scene look natural, create a film noir look, light a green screen, or many other functions. Our recommendations for on camera lighting, light kits, reflectors and more will assist you in the search for finding the right light.  The lights we recommend can be used by beginners or professionals and they come in several different price ranges. When you locate the solution that's right for you click on the image and start your purchase from here to support our website. Happy shopping!


On Camera Lights

  • Compatible with five different kinds of battery: Panasonic CGR-D16S, Sony NP-FH70, NP-FM55H, NP-F550 and AA battery.

  • Easy to know the battery capacity: press the test button, 4-LED On means battery full, 1-LED On means battery low.

  • There are three filters included with this item, one white filter to soften the light (diffuse effect);

  • Rotate switch be use to on/off and adjust the brightness

  • Hot shoe design can be attached to the video cam or DC

  • One warm filter to reduce the color temperature and one Pink filter.

  • This 96-LED light can take both Sony F570, F770, F970 batteries and AA batteries

  • The light's got a dimmer to control the intensity. The HDV-Z96 has two filters for both softening and lowering color temperature.

  • Advanced hot shoe adapter for adjusting angles. With the small part inside the box, one can connect as many lights for stronger lighting effects!

  • It's smaller, but feels more solid than traditional LED video light. 

  • Package Includes: 1 x High Quality HDV-Z96 Video Light, 1 x Color Filter(white & yellow), 1 x Hot shoe adpater ball Pan/Tilt Head, 1 x Combine socket accessory, 1 x User Manual

  • Pro Grade 312Super Bright LED's

  • 2 Separate Control Knobs, 1) Variable Color Temperature Control (3200K-5600K), 2) Brightness Dimmer Control (10%-100%)

  • Lightweight And Stackable

  • Use With Still Cameras And Camcorders

  • Built In Battery Level Indicator

Stand Alone Lights

  • 800 Watt Bulb

  • Focusable

  • Video Features

  • Red Video Light Head

  • 4 bank adjustable output 

  • Mounting vertical or horizontal 

  • Uses 50 watt and it is equivalent to 500 watts 

  • Shock proof design 

  • Size: 14"W x 7"H x 2.5"D 

  • Voltage: 110V 

  • Four On/Off switches to control each channel bank 

  • Housing is made by high quality ABS plastic Module

  • Total illumination: 3334 Lm Ultra lightweight build with barn-doors and dimmer

  • Power output: 36W Color Temperature: 5400 °K

  • Brand New 15V works on 110V-230V Multi-color temperature selection using filters supplied

  • Suitable for outdoor shooting and studio lighting Built-in Sony V-lock battery adapter

Video Light Kits

  • 15 x 45 Watt Compact Fluorescent Perfect Daylight Balance Light Bulb (equals 3000 watt)

  • Three 22" x 28" Perfessional Quality Softbox

  • Three Premium Quality Light Socket And Power Cords (Holds Up To 5 Light Bulb)

  • Three High Quality 7' Light Stand

  • Free Deluxe Carrying Case Included Able To Fit the Whole Kit In One Bag

  • 3 x Britek#7715 300w Halogen Light

  • 2 x Britek#3409 16"x16" Softbox

  • 1 x Britek#2003 D100mm Barndoor

  • 3 x Linco 6ft Compact Light Stand

  • 2 x Carrying Bags

  • (2) x 500 LEDs Photo Video Studio Lighting Panel

  • (2) x 86" Tall Studio Quality High Light Stand

  • (1) x Photography Heavy Duty Convenient Carry Case

  • (6) x Caster Wheels

  • (1) x Carry Bag

Green Screen Kits

  • ePhoto Premium Video Photo 3 Softbox light Kit

  • Soften light intense thrugh internal white cover and soft box

  • Operated with 4 Day-light Studio Light Bulbs (each holder - Total 4 Bulbs)

  • Easy to control your lights with ON/OFF switch.

  • Work with 110 - 120V

  • (3) x 4 Sockets Light Holder Softbox Lighting Holder Bulb Socket

  • (3) x 16"x24" Photo Softbox for Photo Studio Soft Box Reflector

  • (12) x 45W Photography CFL Bulb 6500K, Daylight Balanced, Pure White | (1) x Photography Backdrop Support Stand with 10' Crossbar

  • (3) x 86" Tall Studio Quality High Output Umbrella Flash Strobe Light Stand | (1) x Carry Bag for Photography Equipments

  • (1) x 10 x 20 ft. Green Chromakey Muslin Backdrop Background With Protector | (3) x 4" Photo Studio Canvas Muslin Paper Backdrop Clamps


  • Translucent surface for softening

  • Silver for the contrast you look for

  • Gold for warm tone and health

  • White to fill the shadow

  • Black to block out stray light

  • Reflectors in Silver, Gold, White, also has Translucent to diffuse light, and Black to flag or block light.

  • Folds up nicely in a compact 15 inch carry case for easy portability. Great size for a camera backpack bag.

  • Made of the highest grade fabric (cotton / polyester) and premium zipper for rugged outdoor use.

  • See description below for more information on when and how to use each color.

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