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Year after year the Pinnacle Studio iPad app has been ranked as the #1 app for video editing. The award winning app allows users to edit video, audio, and photos literally right at your finger tips. Double-tap your finger to view the entire timeline, pinch-open the timeline to stretch it out for frame precise trimming, and more. The controls are easy to use and super intuitive. The clean interface, simple gestures, and responsive controls make video editing on the iPad a breeze for all levels of users from the amateur to the professional.

If you're looking for more in-depth information on this iPad app check out the video review on our Product Reviews page.


Most video editing apps have interfaces that can put you to sleep in the middle of a project. Developers should take note of the Studio iPad app interface and follow suit. Open the app and a snazzy old school film projector home screen gives the user options to add, import, open, share, or delete projects. In the help section users can set the default duration for titles, transitions, and photos or watch YouTube tutorials to get a better idea of how to use the program. Once a project is opened the interface consists of a media or source window, preview window, a storyboard, and a timeline. The storyboard and timeline across the bottom of the screen work in tandem to add media to and edit media in the project. Here users can arrange clips in the storyboard, trim clips using the timeline, and add transitions, effects, and music. The source window has sections to view video, photos, songs, transitions, titles, and montages. 


Tap here, tap there, edit everywhere. Yes, those mobile video clips can finally be trimmed in a mobile fashion...on the fly. People who are always on the go can do oh so many amazing things with the editing capabilities of the Pinnacle Studio iPad app. Just bring the selected clips to the storyboard and you're off and running. Double tap on a clip in the timeline and click the trim button to access the precision trimming tool. This useful feature allows clips to be trimmed frame by frame (a feature that most video editing apps just don't offer). Tap on the razor blade in the toolbar to split video clips. Tap a clip in the timeline and tap on Pan and Zoom to add motion to your clips. Drag transitions in between clips. Create beautiful flowing video and photo videos with montage templates. Woo...and these are only a few examples of what this generous offering to the world of iPad editing can do.

Title Editor

Who in the world would have thought that you could add titles to a video using your iPad? Corel...that's who.  They thought they could do it and they made it happen. The title editor is a simple to use feature that gives videos that extra punch. Traditional video enthusiasts are less likely to use a mobile device to create videos but this feature adds a surprisingly useful tool to the app. Adding this feature to the app makes it more usable than one would think. The Title Editor is accessed by dragging a motion title or standard title onto the storyboard and double-tapping the title. Once the title tool opens the user has options to change the font type, font size, font color, and select how it fits on the screen. All of the titles are easy to access and even easier to adjust. the titles are crisp and clear allowing for professional looking text overlays and title clips. 


The Pinnacle Studio iPad app makes accessing media easier than a second grade spelling bee. The app automatically recognizes the media on the iPad and organizes it by type (video, photo, or music). The app even recognizes albums, events, etc. in the iPad and organizes the media within the source window by category if they exist. All that's left to do is tap on the icon of choice to the left of the source window and drag the selected media to the storyboard. Media on an iPhone, camera, or camcorder can be accessed via the iPad Camera Connection Kit. Just plug it into the dock connector port on your iPad, then attach your digital camera or iPhone using a USB cable. The Cloud Connection Kit allows a user to import media from cloud services such as Google Drive, Box, etc. The app also allows for video, photos, and audio capture from within the app.


The Studio iPad app has several choices for users to export created videos and projects. With hard drive space being a premium multiple export options is a must. Files can be exported in resolutions starting at 480p all the way up to HD 1080p. The Share Movie function has options to export a file to the mobile device, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft SkyDrive. The multiple options for exporting and storing finished videos allows users to save precious gigabytes on the iPad in order to store media files for making more videos. Users can save Pinnacle Studio projects to iTunes File Share, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft SkyDrive to save gigabytes on the device as well. Once the project is shared to the location of choice it can be imported into the Pinnacle Studio 17 PC application to continue editing with more advanced features.

Audio Editing

Let there be sound. The Pinnacle Studio iPad app doesn't stop at video and photos. It makes mince meat out of the audio editing process as well. Tap the songs button to the left of the source window and drag audio clips to the available audio tracks. Tap the songs button and then tap the effects button to choose from over 200 included sound effects. Once the media is in the storyboard audio can be edited to fit the length of the clips, audio levels can be set, and audio can be faded in or out. Tapping the microphone icon on the right side of the toolbar activates the voiceover function. This tool lets the user add narration to videos and slideshows. Tap the red record button and the a three second countdown with corresponding beeps 3-2-1 lets the user know when to start speaking. After it is recorded the voiceover audio can be edited as well.

System Requirements

Now those who watch my YouTube videos know that I tell it like it is. The app doesn't work on all versions of the iPad. If your software is not up to date you may hit a few roadblocks during the editing process. Make sure that your device has the latest IOS software update and make sure the app is updated regularly for the best editing experience.

  • iOS 6 or higher
  • iPad 2 or newer (please note: iPad 1 is not supported with release 2.0)
  • Product specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.


So, how do I feel about this app? It rules. I have never been one to use a mobile device for editing and I will still do most of my editing behind a keyboard. Editing on an iPad is not the best way to edit videos. The power of a desktop editing PC and a full featured editor is much more effective than an iPad. But when you are away from your computer and you have your iPad available (as most of us usually do) why not multitask and get started on the editing process? The Pinnacle Studio iPad app is not meant to replace the PC, it is meant to be a useful companion to the Pinnacle Studio 17 program. When out and about with my iPad I found that when I had an opportunity to record something this app came in handy. It allowed me to record with a mobile device, make quick edits, and share it to the proper service for immediate access when I got back to my PC. The app also converts the variable bitrates of mobile devices to a constant bitrate which allows for accurate audio syncing in Pinnacle Studio 17. That alone was enough for me to jump all in on this iPad app. In my opinion the Studio iPad app is one of the best video editing apps for the iPad. The ease of use, interface, features, effects, and price put it in a class by itself. Now all Corel needs to do is create a version for Android devices and start raking in the dough. 

Thinking of adding the app to your iPad? Head over to the iTunes Store and pick it up today.

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