Pinnacle Studio Version Playlists

Thanks for visiting the Pinnacle Studio Version Playlists page. Here you can browse through multiple Pinnacle Studio playlists to find videos on the specific version of Pinnacle Studio you're looking for. Our playlists start all the way back to Avid Studio and go all the way through to the current version of the software. To make things easy for you to view tutorials for your version of the software we've grouped our videos into logical playlists which allow you to watch each video back to back from one location. Our tutorials usually work on multiple versions of the software so don't forget to check out our Subject Playlists if you can't find what you're looking for in your version playlist. You can watch all of our uploads on our Pinnacle Studio Uploads page.

This page will allow you to scroll through to find the Pinnacle Studio version you want and once you've found your version you can easily see what videos are available and watch what you need right from this page. Simply navigate to the version of your choice, click on the menu icon on the upper left side of the video thumbnail, or click on the name of the video at the top of the player. Then you can select the video you'd like to watch, and enjoy the video. 

If you want to make the red arrows, circles, and highlights shown in my tutorials you'll need to pick up a copy of TechSmith Camtasia.

If you're looking to pick up a copy of the software you can do so at the Pinnacle Studio store.

Pinnacle Studio 20

Pinnacle Studio 18

Pinnacle Studio 16

Pinnacle Studio 21

Pinnacle Studio 19

Pinnacle Studio 17

Avid Studio