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So, what the heck is a plugin anyway? It is a software component that adds functionality or specific features to an existing program. Most video editing programs support them because they provide a simple, effective, and integrated means of expanding the capabilities of the program. Most are developed by third-parties. Some of the add-ons for Pinnacle Studio Ultimate are shipped with the program, while others are sold separately via download or boxed version. 

Several software developers offer these tools for Pinnacle Studio. The big three are Red Giant Software, NewBlueFX, and ProDAD. Boris FX only has one plugin for Pinnacle but, its' definitely worth mentioning so we gave it a shout out at the bottom of this page. On the pages that follow we will provide you the names of the most popular add-ons for Pinnacle Studio and expand your knowledge on what each one can do for you. We'll even tell you where to go to grab a few free plugins.


ProDAD Gmbh is a software developer based out of Germany with US offices in Manteca, CA. Founded in 1990, the company has vast experience creating quality software which they have done religiously for many years. ProDAD specializes in creating top of the line video effect and video correction plugins. The company's products have won many awards for their ease of use and professional results. The company specializes in creating plugins but they have also added a wide range of stand-a-lone products over the years. ProDAD products which are compatible with Pinnacle Studio include HEROGLYPH titler, VITASCENE video transitions, effects, and filters,  MERCALLI video stabilization software, and Adorage effects and transitions. Take a look at our ProDAD page to get product specific information on their fantastic line up of products.

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NewBlue, Inc. which sells its' products under the NewBlueFX brand, is a software developer based out of La Jolla, CA. The company entered the world of add-ons in 2001. The organization has created several plugins and stand-a-lone products that match and even surpass the quality of most of the players in the game. The company creates add-ons for audio and video filters, tools, transitions, color correction, effects, and more. The wide array of products offered by NewBlue continues to grow. The products which are compatible with Pinnacle Studio include Colorfast, Stabilizer, 3D Explosions & Transformations, Art Blends, Light Blends, Motion Blends, Paint Blends, Art Effects, Light Effects, Motion Effects, Paint Effects, Film Effects, and the Video Essentials line. Check out our NewBluFX page to gobble up more information on the products offered by this software giant.

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Boris FX

Anyone looking to create professional titles and amazing graphics with Pinnacle Studio ought pay close attention to Boris FX. The software developer based out of Boston, MA. offers several jaw dropping add-ons for multiple video editing programs. Regrettably, the company currently offers only one product that is compatible with Pinnacle Studio. That product is a powerful and comprehensive titling and graphics plugin called Boris Graffiti. The software accomplishes some amazing things with text but the graphic compositing is what truly impresses. The ability to create realistic shapes, effects, graphics, extrusions, 3D effects, and animations seems endless. The interface is a little complex and can take some getting used to but after you use it a few times it'll be old hat.

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Free Add-Ons

Whether you are making home movies, online videos, or documentaries you want to have the highest quality while spending the least amount of money possible. You can always search for the lowest add-on prices, but it's hard to get things for free now-a-days. Shoot, who am I kidding it's almost impossible! If you know where to look and what to look for you may be able to find the silver lining at the end of the plugin rainbow. With innovative unique ideas and the right tools you can produce professional looking effects with free plugins. We know the spots to get those free diamonds in the rough that will add sizzle to your videos at zero cost to you. With these  freebies even beginners can produce great looking videos for their viewers to enjoy. Visit our Free Add-Ons page to pick up these free products.

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Stock Footage

Stock footage adds a lot of flexibility to your projects, productions, documentaries, films, and marketing videos. The footage consists of videos or pictures that have been taken from a previous production, shot for a previous production but not used, or made specifically to be utilized as footage for others. Stock footage comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some examples are cities, time lapse videos, nature, animals interacting in their natural environment, people doing activities, fire, lightning, explosions, muzzles flashes, slow motion, and more. Stock footage is used in movies, television shows, documentaries, and news broadcasts. And what's great about this page is that it has a list of some of the best sites on the internet for you yo go and grab some footage for your own productions.

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