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This page serves as a one stop locale for useful information on the Heroglyph, Vitascene, Mercalli, and Adorage plugins from ProDAD. If you're trying to find software for creative video editing then you've come to the right place. These add-ons have been around longer than most Pinnacle Studio plugins so they have a lot of experience creating products that merge seamlessly with the software. PD specializes in creating high quality easy to use plugins that have the ability to kick any video up a notch with reliably professional results. The product line includes some of our go to plugins which are used in many of our YouTube videos. If you trust us, and we trust them, then you should too (That made sense right?).   

Heroglyph V4 Pro

Heroglyph V4 Pro includes powerful tools that help users create professional titles, handwriting animation, credits, lower-thirds, slide shows, video walls, and travel routes. The intuitive interface makes it simple to add the wide range of animations, effects, and fonts to any project. All of the adjustments are made in real time alongside a live full resolution preview. The title can be played with all of the added effects and animations within the plugin which allows users to see exactly what it will look like prior to importing it into Pinnacle Studio. Once the selected options are completed they can be easily imported into a Pinnacle Studio video with the simple click of a button. The plugin makes use of 500 customizable templates and elements for projects such as sporting events, documentaries, news programs, weddings, birthdays, and more. Users also have the option of creating their own titles from scratch, applying their choice of unique fonts, outlines, glows, and more. A multitude of animations and effects can be added to any title for that special look in order to match the theme of your project. Wizards for the titler, slideshows, handwriting, and video walls make it easy to create high quality animations for all types of videos.

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Vitascene V2 Pro

This add-on has so many effects, animations, and filters that it may seem a bit daunting at first. But once you jump into the program and start blazing around the simple to navigate interface you'll fall right into a cozy comfort zone that you'll never want to leave. VitaScene V2 Pro puts a plethora of powerful effects in the palm of your hands. The movie effects, light filters, paint effects, picture optimization, and tilt-shift effects will add dynamic looks to any project. This plugin includes over 600 effects that can be customized to the specific needs of the user. Built in keyframing allows users to make even more adjustments to preset animations to create unique looks. Many of the gleam effects, light effects, glow effects, reflections, and movie effects can be used as transitions or to set the mood in scenes. The paint effects put artistic style presets such as watercolors, drawings, 3D effects and more at your disposal. The tilt shift effect creates the illusion that real images are miniatures and does it with a click of a button. The add-on has tools which enable users to correct videos or add bevels and text effects to titles and logos. The ability to adjust contrast, color, brightness, and focus makes this plugin indispensable. Each effect that is applied is rendered at high speeds when using a GPU enabled graphics card.

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Mercalli V2 Pro

Whether you have shaky video, like to shoot handheld, or suffer from rolling shutter syndrome Mercalli Pro V2 is the right plugin for you. This program is a life saver for video that needs to be optimized for the best viewing experience. The program stabilizes each frame at the X, Y, and Z camera axis, which creates amazingly precise video stabilization results. Mercalli lets the user choose from several Dynamic Camera Options (called Virtual Stabi-Cam) which gives greater control of the level of stabilization based on need and preference. The Univeral Camera is the default and is best for most situations. Glide Camera can be used when tracking an object across the screen. Rock-Steady Camera provides the steadiest shot and is best for simulating a static tripod shot. The Alternative Camera is best if the other options are unable to create the desired results. One of the most impressive features is the rolling-shutter correction. Some cameras have rolling shutter which when panned quickly. This creates jello and wobble which degrades the overall quality of the video. Mercalli's rolling-shutter compensation puts that shutter back in its place for creating crisp clean footage for your projects. The plugin also includes several SmartBorder™ options. This technology reduces the need to zoom in after the stabilization proces. The borders of the original video stay intact. This plugin is great for action cams, handl held shots, and a myriad of other uses.

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Adorage All-in-One

You want effects? Do you REALLY want effects? You may have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with Adorgae All-in-One. Adorage All-in-One includes the entire 13 volumes of Adorage plugins. This means you'll have 17,000 effects at your beckon call. If there is a situation where you need to add a special touch or powerful effect to your videos you will more than likely find the perfect effect for it with this plugin. The high quality effects in this package are great for transitions, trailers, credits, or any other part of your production. The user platform and intuitive interface make for a streamlined workflow between the plugin and Pinnacle Studio. As with the other ProDAD add-ons effects can be applied with a quick mouse click. Once applied to the clips the effect can be positioned and customized as needed. All effects can be applied to HD and SD projects. Adorage All-in-One includes picture-in-picture, splitscreen effects, trick effects, compositing effects, CGM effects, particle effects, object effects, and more. The themed packages such as Gloabl Travel and Flag effects, Worldwide effects, and Festival and Celebration effects allow users to add several themed effects to their projects creating visually stunning vacation, travel, and special event videos. This jumbo pack of effects truly impresses. It gives any level of video enthusiast the freedom to create spectacular videos. The Adorage effects can also be purchased in smaller groups through 13 individual effects packages.

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