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When you are thinking of purchasing Pinnacle Studio (or any video editing software for that matter) you need as much information as possible in order to make sure that the program performs up to the standards that you expect. You have to know its' strengths, weaknesses, strong points and shortcomings. We've created one convenient locale for you to get that information. On each software page below you will find information based on our usage, experience, research, and information from the software publisher.  

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If you're interested in looking at alternatives to Pinnacle Studio then you might want to give CyberLink PowerDirector a look. It is a great option for those who are looking for a powerful editing program at a fair price.

Pinnacle Studio 19

Pinnacle Studio iPad App

Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate is the latest iteration of the software. It impresses by improving on the already streamlined workflow of its older siblings. The new professional multi-camera editor allows users to create videos with up to six camera angles. Audio ducking automatically lowers music volumes when dialogue exists. The new project bins feature allows for easy importing of files into collections which can be saved and accessed at any time. Support for MXF files allows for use of professional Canon cameras while 4K support allow users to create projects which can be viewed on the highest resolution devices available on the market. 

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The Pinnacle Studio iPad app is being touted as the best video editing app for the iPad. Videos taken with the iPad, taken on your iPhone (after it is uploaded to iCloud), or any video uploaded to the iCloud can be edited with the app. Trimming clips, splitting clips, adding titles, and adding transitions are only a few of the features that this app offers. Seamless project transfers from the iPad app to the desktop program are completed with a snap. Available exports to 1080p and voice-overs make this the heartiest offer on the iPad for video editing. The ability to edit video on the iPad is officially endless.

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Pinnacle Studio Version Comparison

The version comparison page includes a list of all of the features that are available with each version of Pinnacle Studio. Whether you have the basic, plus, or ultimate version you'll find this chart to be a useful tool in determining which version will suit your needs. And because we like you so much and care about your well being, we decided to take things up a notch to make sure you understand exactly what each version of the software can and can't do. How do we accomplish this you ask? Well, we have a handy dandy Differences in Pinnacle form that you can use. This form has a full list of the options and functions available for the program. It clearly states which versions have the option or function and which versions don't. So be sure to go to the bottom of the version comparison page to access this file and get as much information as possible on the options/functions that are available for each version before you buy.

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