Red Giant Plugins

It's time to give some love to our good old buddy Red Giant. The plugins are frequently utilized during post-production in both movies and television which makes this software developer a well known commodity throughout the video editing, film making, and television industries. Most Pinnacle Studio users should be somewhat familiar with this software developer's name as the plugins are bundled with Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. Unfortunately purchasing the Ultimate version is the only way Pinnacle users can gain access to the plugins. RG Software currently does not offer these plugins as additional products that can be added to Pinnacle Studio later. Someone who wants the added flexibility of these powerful effects should consider purchasing the Ultimate version as there is a considerable savings between buying additional alternative plugins and buying Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. This page focuses on the add-ons that are bundled with Pinnacle Studio Ultimate video editing software. The seven plugins are grouped into two tool kits; the Filmmaker's Toolkit and the Motion Graphics Toolkit. You can see these plugins in action in most of our Pinnacle Studio Effects tutorials. We frequently use these plugins for our own projects and highly recommend them for their intuitive interface, ease of use, and quality results. 

Red Giant Filmmaker's Toolkit

When it's time to correct and grade a video, editors need look no further than the Red Giant Filmmaker's Toolkit. This powerful set of tools provides all that is needed to make the proper adjustments to improve the quality of any project. Filmmaker's Toolkit includes Magic Bullet Looks, Magic Bullet Mojo, and Magic Bullet Cosmo. These plugins add professional film looks, skin tone adjustments, and color grading functionality to Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. Magic Bullet Looks includes 100's of well designed film look presets that range from simple lighting to Hollywood style cinema effects. They effectively create a sophisticated film look and feel. Whether you’re warming up a scene, making an old time black and white film, or creating a scene for a horror flick this plugin gets the job done. Magic Bullet Mojo brings quality color grading to the Filmmaker's suite. After the color correction process is complete Mojo can be used to grade the video via multiple presets or specific users preferences. Mojo generates color effects that warm up the talent’s skin tone while adding cooler tones to backgrounds and shadows which truly makes footage pop off the screen. Everyone can use a little touch up now and then and Cosmo is the savior that has been sent to answer editors prayers. Cosmo helps to establish soft-focused skin tones for perfect close-up shots. This tool fixes blemishes, softens problem areas, and smooths skin tones with ease. The Red Giant Filmmaker's Toolkit plugins work in conjunction to create clean and professionally polished videos that will add immediate value to any project.

Red Giant Motion Graphics Toolkit

Special effects can add so much to a video. They can be so subtle and unassuming that they are hardly noticed or they can be so vivid and huge that they bring impact and excitement to a scene. When it's comes time to add effects to footage the Red Giant Motion Graphics Toolkit has many options that can bring much needed life to almost any video. Motion Graphics Toolkit includes Warp, Particular, Shine, and Knoll Light Factory. This wonderful set of tools provides a feature rich package of plugins for Pinnacle Studio Ultimate which can improve the quality of projects. Warp provides control over corner points, glows, shadows, and reflections. This tool makes simple work of adding shadows, glows, and reflections to videos and titles as well as warping corner points of videos to overlay on almost any object. Particular adds awesome effects like fireworks, fairy dust, or snow to titles or any other footage. The presets can be adjusted via simple physics controls which effect the gravity, turbulence, and air resistance of the effect making them totally unique. Shine is one of our favorite plugins. It can produce sweeping light rays over a logo, simulate headlights shining through fog, generate sunshine through clouds, and a lot more. Several presets speed up the workflow but can be adjusted to suit personal preference. Knoll Light Factory adds color, depth, and realism to scenes. The abundance of light effects including lens flares, sun flares, and photon torpedoes add a sophisticated allure while creating believable, accurate results. The Red Giant Motion Graphics Toolkit plugins is filled with professional level effects that will amaze viewers and expedite the video creation process.

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