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There are a lot of reasons why someone may need to find a technical support site for Pinnacle Studio. There may be an error message received when using the software. Certain features of the software may not be functioning correctly. The PC being used may not meet the minimum system requirements of the software. But assistance isn't always sought out due to problems. There are times when individuals need to seek out assistance creating a video, figuring out how to use certain controls, determining which program preferences and export settings are best for a particular purpose, or selecting the proper file format for creating a Blu-ray vs a DVD. Regardless of what type of assistance is necessary the technical support websites on this page are the top spots to get help with Studio.

Pinnacle Studio Forum

Looking for answers to get help with multiple versions of Studio? Look no further than the Pinnacle Studio Forum. The forum is a community filled with knowledgeable individuals who have solutions for just about any need. No matter what version of Studio you own the forum is there to help. It has information on product features such as, importing, exporting, stereoscopic 3D, media library, and movie/disc editors. If you need assistance with program installation or you just have general questions the forum's got you covered as well. This is the best resource to go to when you need assistance with Pinnacle Studio.

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Learning the ins out outs of a video editing program can take months. There are so many different features, tools, and options that it can be a blinding experience. If you want to see the light clears the clouds and allows the sun to shine on you. This technical support site covers a wide range of topics to help end users of Pinnacle Studio learn how to use the software in an effective and efficient manner. The site has a plethora of information and useful tutorials on every version of Studio as well as ProDAD and Boris plugins. While you're there don't forget to sccop up some of their free Hollywood FX transitions.    

Go to is the site created by our Pinnacle know-it-all Jeff Naylor. This website has a lot to offer. It is choc full of news, product information, valuable tips on how to how to use the software, and solutions on what to do if you run into problems. One of our favorite features on the site is the information on transcoding. It explains in detailed step by step instructions how to use Mediacoder to convert files to a compatible format for use with Pinnacle Studio. If you want to gain more Studio knowledge from Mr. Naylor don't forget to pick up his book Pinnacle Studio 17 Plus and Ultimate Revealed.     

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Corel Pinnacle Studio Knowledgebase

Need to find answers fast? The quickest and easiest place to find assistance for Studio  is the Corel Pinnacle Studio Knowledgebase. Just use the drop down arrows to select a product, the product version, and a category, and BAM...a list of possible solutions pops up on the page. Queries can also be made using keywords. This site does have it's drawbacks. There is no two way communication and solutions are limited to the available categories. If the solutions listed do not happen to solve your issue you can't really ask a follow up question. With that being said, this is a good place to find solutions to common questions.        

Go to the Corel Pinnacle Studio Knowledgebase.

Corel Pinnacle Studio Support

The official technical support site for Studio is the Corel Pinnacle Studio Support site. It's the place to get one-time free installation assistance within the first 14 days of registering the software. Once the product is registered Corel sends a support code to the email address entered during the registration process. The site has sections to access the knowledgebase, get self help, and contact technical support. It even has a list of the most popular answers to common questions. If you prefer to get your technical support from the manufacturer and have the money to spend in order to do you, you can purchase priority support as well.        

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