Pinnacle Studio Version Comparison

The Studio comparison chart is an important tool which provides a clear view of the available features of each version of the software. Whether you have the basic, plus, or ultimate version of PS 21 you'll find this chart helpful.

Is the version with the most check marks the best? Not really. The version with the most check marks simply has the most features. As I always say, it's all about you and your needs. Only you know what's best for you. Do you need all of the features in the Ultimate version or can you consistently get the job done with the Plus version? If you're looking to purchase the software this chart will save you time, buyers remorse, and possibly some heartache by providing information to assist you in deciding which version is right for you. The comparison chart doesn't tell you which title to pick. It assists in guiding you to your decision.

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Comparison Chart

Different Tools

Have you ever tried to create a specific effect or use a certain tool you thought was in the program and you couldn't find it?  It may be because your version of Pinnacle Studio doesn't include that tool or effect. Many of the tools, options, and effects available in the Plus and Ultimate versions of the software are not listed in the table above. If you need to know which specific effects, options, and tools are available in each version of the software check out the Differences in Pinnacle Studio Versions file.

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