Video Shooting Tips

Shooting a video can be an overwhelming experience to some. If you are not sure what you are doing you can second guess yourself and take forever to get your shots. If you think you know what you're doing you can get things done quickly but your clips will end up being full of mistakes. Video shooting tips and techniques help you get the jitters out and the great shots in. If you have a phenomenal idea for a video you need to know how to get the shots you want in order to get the most out of your project and give the highest level of enjoyment to your audience. When you're done browsing this page don't forget to take a moment to print out our step by step Video Creation form. This form will provide you with a basic framework for setting up your next video project. It is also a great compliment to the video shooting tips presented on this page. The link is at the bottom of this page.

Video Shooting 101

  • Say Hello To Your Camcorder.

In order to start shooting video -QUALITY VIDEO- you have to know your camcorder. You have to know all of its' features and functions. If you are looking through the viewfinder or at the LCD screen when you should be looking at the shot you are going to end up with a bad shot. Fiddling around to find the zoom or focus when your eyes should be on the subject will only lead to a bad shot. Learn all of the settings of your camcorder so you are ready to use them when you need them.

  • Keep It Steady.

Shaky hands can have a huge effect on the quality of your shot. We all have a little natural shake when we operate a camcorder so it is important to minimize it as much as possible. To combat "the shakes" be sure to get a good tripod, shoulder harness, or shoulder mount. Choosing the right tripod or alternative accessory will go a long way towards creating a stable shot which is pleasing to the eye.

  • Show Me Some SLOW Moves.

Try to keep from making a lot of movements when you are shooting videos. Take still shots where the camcorder does not move for about 20 - 30 seconds, stop recording, move the camcorder to the next angle, and then take another shot. Never make quick pans of the camcorder from one subject to another. Your audience will find your video easier to view if you use slow, smooth, and deliberate motions when panning and zooming.

  • Use the Rule of Thirds. 

To use the Rule of Thirds imagine that there are two vertical and horizontal lines (like tic-tac-toe) on the LCD or view finder of the camcorder. Make sure that your subject falls along the lines or near one of the four intersections. The subject should not be in the center of the image. Prior to recording make sure that everything you want in the shot is present and framed up nicely.

  • Take Simple, Short Shots. 

Shooting long video clips can be a snore-fest for your audience. Just Don't Do It! Never shoot video clips of more than two minutes. Use a mixture of several short clips of 5 to 10 seconds and 1 to 2 minutes. This method will be much more interesting and it brings variety to your audience.

Print out a copy of our Video Creation form for a step by step guide to follow when you create your next video.

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