YouTube Tips

If you need tips on getting your YouTube channel up to speed you came to the right place. YouTube is the most popular video streaming site online and one of the top search engines as well. Due to the popularity of this social media giant many people upload videos to their channel to share them with a wider audience.  Just visit the site and you'll find videos on technology, comedy, video editing, fashion, video games, and more. With all the competition out there some people find it difficult to get views and subscribers. Getting your videos to the right audience, increasing views, and creating engaging content takes experience, know how, dedication, and finesse...and we've got all of those things right here on our website for your viewing pleasure. If you don't know how to go about doing this you can end up spinning your wheels and giving up on your channel.  Our YouTube tips will give you insight on ways to get your videos viewed and subscribers coming back for more.

YouTube Notifications

Learn how to use the YouTube notifications bell. With all the 2017 updates and changes to the notifications system we decided to explain them to you in this video. 

TubeBuddy Intro

Learn how to make use Tube Buddy to help your YouTube channel grow. This is one of the best tools to improve YouTube growth, YouTube video views, YouTube engagement, and more.

Block Trolls

Learn how To block trolls and manage spam your YouTube Channel. Maliek Whitaker tells you about the new YouTube feature that helps to block trolls comments from your channel. 

Block Someone

Learn how to block someone on your YouTube channel. This video will show you how to ban users when someone is doing something on your YouTube channel that you do not like.

Video Description

Learn how to make a good YouTube video description and improve your video ranking in Google and YouTube search results. You will get tips on writing a video description to get more views.

Terminated Channel

If your YouTube account is terminated or suspended follow these steps to get your YouTube channel unsuspended, restored, and back to normal. Use your Google+ email address when you submit the form.

Contact YouTube Support

Learn how to contact YouTube support. YouTube just announced that all partners now have support. Getting in touch with YouTube support has been difficult in the past.

Does YouTube Discriminate?

Does the YouTube for Help Heroes program discriminate against the United States? I looked into the program and after you see what I found out you might have some doubts.

Format Comments

Learn how to format YouTube comments when you reply to YouTube videos. This comment format tutorial by Maliek Whitaker will help make your youtube comments stand.

Create a Series Playlist

Learn how to create a YouTube series playlist for your YouTube videos. This playlist tutorial by Maliek Whitaker provides you with YouTube Help for learning how to create a series playlist.

Free Royalty Free Music

Get free music for your YouTube videos from the YouTube Audio Library. If you need royalty free music that is copyright free the audio library is the place to get it.

Make Private Playlists

Learn how to make YouTube playlists private. When you set up a private playlist the video views are private and others will not know what you are watching.

Make Your Channel Discoverable

Learn how to make your YouTube channel discoverable in search. Maliek shows you how to update your title, description, and channel keywords to help others find your channel in YouTube search. 

Variable Frame Rate

Learn how To convert variable frame rate video to constant frame rate video and fix audio sync issues. When your videos are choppy and the audio is out of sync this will fix the issue.

Missing Reply Button

If you can't reply to YouTube comments this video will show you what the person who left the comment needs to do to fix the issue so you can reply to their comment.

Best Camera for YouTube

What is the best camera for YouTube? We share our choices of the best cameras for creating youtube videos. No matter what type of camera you are looking for we have a suggestion for you.

Channel Keywords

Learn how to add youtube channel keywords so people can search and find your channel and your videos. This will allow your channel to be searchable on YouTube, Google, and other search engines. 

Private YouTube Channel

Learn how to make a private youtube channel. A YouTube private channel allows you to keep your playlists, likes, comments, and watched videos private. 

YouTube Cards

Learn how to setup YouTube cards for your videos. This feature is the new way to link fan funding, videos, video playlists, websites, merchandise sites, and fundraising projects in your YouTube videos.

Opt Out of YouTube MCN Messages

Want to opt out of receiving MCN emails and messages on YouTube? YouTube needs to take action on these scamming Multi-Channel Networks before it gets out of control.

YouTube Fan Funding

Learn how to setup YouTube fan funding so that your subscribers and fans can support your channel. This video tells you what you need to know to what you need to have to setup this new popular feature.

Timestamp Annotations & Links

Adding annotation and link timestamps to your videos allows your viewers to fast forward, reverse, and jump to different parts of your videos. This is a great tip to keep your viewers engaged.

YouTube Annotations

Learn how to add annotations to videos to get viewers to increase their engagement. We show you how to create links to your website, videos, playlists, and how to create subscribe links and buttons.

YouTube Channel Banner Art

Learn how to make YouTube banner channel art for your channel. Make your channel banner visible across popular viewing platforms like mobile, cell phones, tablets, television, desktop, and laptops.

Change YouTube Channel Name

Watch this tutorial on how to change a YouTube channel name and icon to make sure that your username is best suited to your channel. Change your page name to one that is better suited to your content.

Download YouTube Videos

Download YouTube videos to your computer today! Learn how to download videos from YouTube to watch offline or use in your own videos if you have the content creator's permission.

YouTube Captions & Subtitles

Learn how to add captions & subtitles to your YouTube videos for the hearing impaired and to translate the language of your video. Adding captions can increase views and subscribers.

YouTube Subscribe Button

Learn how to add a subscribe button annotation link to your YouTube videos so viewers can subscribe to your channel while viewing your video. Now you can add a subscribe button anywhere.

Successful YouTube Channel

Tips and tricks on how to make a successful YouTube channel. Learn how to optimize your videos to drive subscribers to your channel and increase views. The tips will help you start off strong on the Tube.

Tag YouTube Videos


Hide Subscriptions

Learn how to make your youtube subscriptions private. We show you how to make your subscriptions private so that visitors to your channel can't see which YouTube channels you are subscribed to. 

Delete Channel

Learn how To Delete Your YouTube Channel. Maliek Whitaker shows you how to delete your YouTube Channel and YouTube Account quickly and easily in just a few minutes.

YouTube Button for Facebook

Learn how to integrate a YouTube Channel into a Facebook Fan Page. This video will show you how to place a Youtube tab on a Facebook fan page using two different techniques.

Get 3000 Subscribers

Learn how to get subscribers for your YouTube channel by watching this video on how to get 3000 YouTube subscriptions. Maliek Whitaker discusses the steps he took to gain 3000 YouTube subscribers. 

End Screens

Learn how to create end screens for your YouTube videos. A YouTube end screen is a professional way to add links to other videos, websites, and a subscribe link to the end of your video using your logo.

Loop A YouTube Video

Learn how to loop a YouTube video. This video tutorial by Maliek Whitaker will help you watch your favorite youtube videos over and over again on a continuous playback.

Share Videos and Playlists

Learn how to share YouTube videos and playlists. This video and playlist sharing tutorial by Maliek Whitaker will help you share your youtube videos and playlists on several social media websites.

YouTube Gear 2

In YouTube video equipment for professional quality videos part 2 I discuss the equipment on my editing desk that helps me create the content on all of my YouTube channels.

Blur YouTube Videos

Learn how to blur faces and objects in YouTube videos. This blur tutorial by Maliek Whitaker gives you the details on how to add a blur to YouTube videos by using this new enhancement on YouTube.

Make Videos Private

Learn how to make YouTube videos private by changing your video privacy settings. When you upload a video to YouTube you can choose to make it public, unlisted, or private.

Delete YouTube Search History

Learn how to delete your YouTube search history. YouTube loves to track what you search so we show you how to delete your history so that others do not know what videos you have been watching.

Create Google+ Brand Page

In this video Maliek shows you how to create a Google Plus brand or business page for your YouTube channel. This video will show you how make a brand page and connect it to your YouTube channel.

Turn Off Autoplay

Want to know how to turn off autoplay on YouTube? Maliek shows you how to disable the autoplay feature so you can watch what you want when you want.

Contact YouTube

Want to know how to contact Youtube? We show you how to send YouTube an email to address any issues or questions. Whenever you need to ask YouTube a question this video will show you how.

Best Editing Software

We break down the best video editing software for YouTube in this video. We hit you with the top free video editing software for YouTube and the best intermediate and professional video editing software.

Verify YouTube Account

Learn how to verify your YouTube account and gain access to additional features. Once your channel is partner verified you can upload videos longer than 15 minutes & more.

Make A YouTube Account

Learn how to make a YouTube account. When you create a YouTube account you can comment on videos, ask questions, like videos, and subscribe to channels. 

YouTube Branding Logo Watermark

Learn how to add a branding logo watermark to your YouTube videos. This YouTube feature allows you to add your channel logo to your videos so that your viewers can easily recognize your videos.

YouTube Custom Video Thumbnails

Learn how to make custom video thumbnails for YouTube. Custom thumbnails help you get more views, make your videos stand out, and make your channel look more professional.

Free - Royalty Free Sound Effects

Free royalty free sound effects for all of your videos are available on YouTube. There are multiple categories to choose from and download for free to use in any of your videos.

YouTube Creator Credits

This tutorial shows you how to add creator credits to your YouTube videos. This new feature adds a field to the info and settings tab that helps you give credit to people who collaborate on your video.

Delete A YouTube Channel

Maliek shows you how to delete a YouTube channel page in this easy to follow video. If you created additional YouTube pages or channels and now you want to remove them this is the video to watch.

Restore A Terminated YouTube Account

If your YouTube account is terminated follow these steps to get your YouTube channel unsuspended, restored, and back to normal. When an account is terminated  you must use your Google+ email address.

YouTube Insights & Fans

Our YouTube Fan Finder and Insights tutorial shows you how to use the tools in these sections to help your channel grow. This allows you to see those who are most engaged with your channel.

Custom YouTube URL

Create a custom URL to make it easy to link to your YouTube channel to external sites. A custom YouTube link can also be used to add a subscribe link or subscribe button to your videos.

YouTube End Card Outro

Our tutorial on how to create a YouTube video end card will help you get more views and subscribers. We use Adobe Photoshop to create the end card with spaces for videos, photos, and a subscribe button.

YouTube Creator Studio App

The YouTube Creator Studio app allows you to edit video information, view analytics, view videos, and reply to comments on your IOS devices (iPhone & iPad) and Android tablets and phones.

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