Installing the DigitalJuice Juicer.

If you need help installing the DJ Juicer to get files into your projects look no further.

Once you have a DigitalJuice membership sIgn into

Download and install the WorkBench for Windows or Mac.

After the Workbench is installed you need to install the Juicer (or any other apps you want to use).

If you need help free to leave your comments below.


Pinnacle Studio 21 is here!

Pinnacle Studio 21 came busting onto the scene on Tuesday August 15, 2017. It is full of several new features such as:

  • A new interface
  • Wide-Angle Lens Correction
  • 3D Title Editor
  • Morph Transitions
  • Paint Effects
  • Updates to the Exporter
  • And more...

If you want to see all of the new features in action check out our What's New video. If you want more info on Pinnacle Studio 21 visit the Pinnacle Studio store.

Pinnacle Studio 19 Audio Sync Issue

If you recorded footage using a constant frame rate device (DSLR, video camera, etc.), exported the edited video using with Pinnacle Studio 19, and the audio and video were out of sync here is a hot fix for you.

If you recorded footage using a phone or some other variable frame rate device and the audio and video are out of sync during preview the hot fix will not work for you. You need to convert your files to constant frame rate using Handbrake.


Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate Contest

Want to win a free copy of Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate? We're giving away a copy to one of our loyal blog subscribers.

Contest Rules: 

  1. Like this blog post (click "Like" below on the right)
  2. Share this blog post (click "Share" below on the right)
  3. Leave a comment on why you like Pinnacle Studio (click "Comment" below on the left)
  4. Wait until May 1, 2014 to find out who the winner is!

This contest is open to North America only as the winner will receive a code to download a free copy of Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate from the North American Pinnacle store. 

Good Luck!

UPDATE: The winners of the contest were announced on May 1, 2014. Congratulations to D. Wisniewski and C. McElroy!

Pinnacle Studio 17.2 Patch Update

Pinnacle Studio has released a new update for all Pinnacle Studio 17 users. This patch update addresses the following issues:

 - Fixed crashes in File / Disc Export

 - Fixed some causes of crashes during MP4 / MOV import

 - Fixed playback problems with MP4 / MOV files

 - Fixed some causes of black frames in Exported files

 - Resolved issues where localized versions of User Manual were unavailable

Visit our Patch History page to access the download link.

Pinnacle Studio 17 Performance & Errors

This is a message which was posted in the Pinnacle User Forum:

"Hello, my name is Jacques Lamontagne and I'm director of Marketing at Pinnacle Studio/Corel. 

Thank you forum members for the helpful feedback you've shared about Pinnacle Studio 17. Unfortunately, it appears that some of our users have not had the great experience we expect from our software. We want you to know that the team has been following the info you've provided and is working diligently to have the issues corrected. 

We've introduced a number of product updates since the launch and recently released 17.1 that offers support for 4K Ultra HD. This update also includes all the stability enhancements we introduced in the 17.0.1 and 17.0.2 updates that came before. It is important that all our users check they have the latest updates installed. I also want to assure you that we have scheduled a new patch in the coming weeks to provide another significant performance and stability boost. We apologize to any user who has not had the great experience we expect with our software. You have my commitment that Pinnacle Studio 17 will continue to get better and better. 

The forum moderators are doing a great job helping with your questions and also bringing your comments and concerns to our team. I want to personally thank each of them for all their hard work. Please continue to take advantage of their impressive knowledge, problem solving skills and passion for our products. While I can't be present in the forums all the time, the moderators are also an excellent way to get information to us and we're giving their feedback an even greater voice in our product plans moving ahead. If you want to make sure your feedback makes it to the Pinnacle team, the forums are a great way to do it.

Thank you and please keep sharing your feedback and questions in this community. Your comments are vitally important to our product plans and we are hard at work to ensure Pinnacle Studio delivers the power and quality you need.
Jacques Lamontagne"

Read the entire thread including responses by Pinnacle Studio users here.

Pinnacle Studio 17 Giveaway

PinnacleStudioPro is giving away a copy of Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate. Watch this video to find out how you can enter the contest and maybe you'll walk away with a free copy of Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate. The contest is open to North America only as the prize is provided through the North American Pinnacle store. The entry rules, requirements & provisions of the contest are listed in the "About" section of the video. View it on YouTube to view the contest rules.

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