There once was a time when video cameras were big bulky behemoths that needed to be lugged around with a dolly. Footage was recorded to analog tapes, images were as fuzzy as Mr. Snookums (the teddy bear you had as a child...remember him?), and editing actually involved cutting film and pasting pieces of film together. Well, things have changed a lot over the years. Cameras are smaller, images are crisper, and editing is much more sophisticated. The creation of the smart phone and tablet have shifted the mainstream user of cameras from consumers to professionals and hobbyists. The majority of people use their smart phones to take pictures, create videos, and share information via social media. With this being the case app merchandisers and app developers alike have begun to flex their muscle and create products that will help consumers create better videos using their smart phones and tablets. Enter the Pinnacle Studio for iPad app. This app has been voted the Best Video Editing App by multiple publications for several years in a row due to its ease of use, functionality, and sharing features.  We have taken all of our knowledge of the app and added it to one convenient locale so that you can learn as much about the app as possible. We will add tips, tricks, and tutorials for the app  to this page as we upload them to YouTube. If you want to receive notifications when we create new Pinnacle Studio for iPad videos subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Pinnacle Studio for iPad Review

Our Pinnacle Studio for iPad app review gives you insight into the features, interface, and usability of this video editing app. It is available for iPad and iPhone on the iTunes App Store. This program lets you edit, trim, export, and share videos. You can send files to the cloud, send them to social media such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and save them on your device. You can also save the project and send it to the cloud so you can edit the project on your desktop using Pinnacle Studio for PC. You can add music, transitions, montages, theme packs and so much more.

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