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Visitor Testimonials

I think that this website is the best for getting information on Pinnacle Studio. I have learned so much from this site in such a short amount of time. I find your beautiful. Thanks for all of your help. 

Stef V., Belgium

Very good site! Thanks for this. Only negative comment: why two pistols in the home picture of this site. I know it's only to make a joke or so, but isn't there enough misery and shit caused by using weapons? There are so many positive pictures to use that will support your meaning to help Pinnacle users. Thanks.

Lex V.

This site is awesome! It's organized and easy to use! It has all kinds of great information about video making and places to buy things for video making!

Cannon D.

Just a quick message to say thanks for the page on how to reset Studio 17. I've been pulling my hair out (and I don't have much anymore) all day trying to get it to update my watch folders and actually show the updates.

Bill B.

I am using this Pinnacle Studio Media software to edit my video shooting for the past 15 years such as Malaysian Royal Ceremonies and Wedding functions. I found this is the best,easy to edit,cheapest software and most comfortable for us to handling.. So I selected this is the BEST SOFTWARE for me and other those handling Pinnacle Studio. I am very happy that "Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate HD" software is a miracle for me among other media editors. I am very happy handling Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate HD.

Balakrishnan SP., Malaysia

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